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Welcome to FSA

Discover the joy of learning languages and communicating successfully!

German as a Foreign Language

The desire and necessity to learn German as a Foreign Language may have various reasons.

You are coming to Germany from a foreign country and need German as a foreign language for your education, your studies or your job. You want to learn German, improve existing knowledge or prepare for a certification.

You are living in Germany and need German as a foreign language to establish contacts and to communicate in your social environment.

You are coming to Germany as an "expatriate" and the country and its culture are foreign to you. Together with your family you want to learn something about the German country and culture besides just learning German as a foreign language.

Communication and Presentation

Communication and presentation are an essential part of your daily professional and private life.
You want to improve your knowledge in the field of oral and written communication and enhance your presentation techniques.

Individual Training

We will make our ideas match your requirements!
With many ideas and flexibility on our part, we are able to plan and conceive individual trainings in German and German as a foreign language according to your needs and wishes.

You will reach your goals with FSA!

• flexibly
• individually
• conforming to your requirements
• creatively
• successfully

Our trainings may take place in your company, in our training rooms or in your home.
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